Weight Training and Women

Like I’ve said before, weight training is the ideal way to lose body fat.  Not only is it ideal, it is the best way to keep the weight off permanently.   Women tend to have a problem with this method because they are weary of their muscles becoming “too big” and they fear looking too masculine.  Ladies, this is a complete farce!  The more muscle you have the faster your metabolism rate and the more calories you burn force your body to stay lean.

Women instinctly want to tighten and tone, but light weights and high repetitions when working with weights will not build the necessary amount of muscle to burn calories and boost your metabolic rate.   If you train with a heavier amount of weights (6-15 reps), you will change your body to add lean body mass and shed unwanted body fat faster and more effectively.  Thus, it is muscle that fashions a lean look.

Most women tend to diet by cutting calories and not exercising.  If you do this, you will always cause your body to lose a combination of body fat and muscle.  As explained earlier, this causes a downshift in metabolism.  When your metabolic rate slows down, so does the loss of body fat.  By adding five pounds of muscle, it can increase your metabolic rate as much as 60 to 88 calories a day.  This is accomplished by your body using energy to rebuild muscle tissue in which it uses stored body fat. 

Women also tend to lean towards cardiovascular exercise vs. weight training.  Women do this because weight comes off sooner because the body does nothing to hold muscle mass.  Although, you will weigh less on the scale, it doesn’t mean that the weight you lost was the right kind of weight. This will eventually tamper with your body and you will lose your means to create a lean, healthy body. Therefore, the answer to losing weight is simple: Losing fat while adding muscle through weight training aids in increasing your metabolic rate to weight control is easier and permanent.