Cardiovascular Overview

What is the goal of your cardiovascular training program? Just like anything in life, you have to know where you are going, or you will end up going no where. For twenty-five years I have witnessed thousands of people completely wasting their time, spending endless hours doing cardio with no goal in mind. While the […]

The I Can Do It Exercise Guide

It is possible to lose weight without exercise.  But, with no exercise at all it will cause fat and muscle to be shed at a 1 to 1 ratio; thus, for each pound of fat lost, a pound of muscle is lost as well.  Though someone’s weight may significantly drop, the percentage of body fat […]

The Power of Genetics

Genetics play an infinite role in how lean a person can become.  Studies have shown that if a parent is overweight, the child has a 40% chance of becoming clinically obese.  If both parents are obese, the likelihood goes up to 60%. There are three factors that contribute to the total number of fat cells […]

Weight Training and Women

Like I’ve said before, weight training is the ideal way to lose body fat.  Not only is it ideal, it is the best way to keep the weight off permanently.   Women tend to have a problem with this method because they are weary of their muscles becoming “too big” and they fear looking too masculine.  Ladies, […]

Taking Accountability

If you are not keeping yourself accountable for your exercise and diet regimen you may not be successful in losing weight.  From past experience, the people that I have worked with have been far more successful with their weight loss when they were keeping “tabs” on their eating.  You must keep records on how many […]

The Mind Muscle Connection

All muscles contract from nerve signals.  The stronger the nerve signal, the more powerful the muscular contraction. The brain must tell the muscles how hard to contract through the spinal chord.  This is where the saying, “mind over matter” comes from.  The mind muscle connection is what separates beginners from more advanced weight trainers.   Thus, […]